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Come join us Sunday mornings at World Harvest Church Elkhart for Cross Training.  The Elders of WHCE are equipping, strengthening and training our local church body with God’s word.  If you desire enrichment in the knowledge of the Word of God, then this is the place for you.  You are about to become stronger than you have ever been before!

We invite your entire family to join us as Kid Harvest begins Cross Training Kids.  They will learn more about God’s Word and participate in creative crafts in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.  Kid Harvest serves your nursery, preschool and Jr. Church age children.

Also, you can drop off your ‘tweens’ in grades 6-8 in our 6-7-8 ministry meeting in room 108!  Rest assured they’ll receive age-appropriate spiritual training that will prepare them for the time they can understand and act upon the teachings they receive.

There is something here for every member of your family at World Harvest Church Elkhart, and we invite you to join us this Sunday morning as we begin Cross Training!
Rod Parsley Close

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